Unleashing Capitalism


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 for the West Virginia Versions (2007 and 2009)



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 for the South Carolina Version (2009)




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 for the Tennessee Version (2012)



Unleashing Capitalism (WV version) won the 2008 Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Award from the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.  The Rule of Law was a follow up book focusing entirely on legal and judicial reform.


Here's the version we spun off for SC.  Also see the book's full website at the South Carolina Policy Council.

Here's the TN version.  Click here for an article about the book's release in Tennessee.

Citations (click to purchase copies):


Sobel, Russell S. Unleashing Capitalism: Why Prosperity Stops at the West Virginia Border and How to Fix It. Morgantown, WV: Center for Economic Growth, The Public Policy Foundation of West Virginia, 2007.


Sobel, Russell S. The Rule of Law: Perspectives on Legal and Judicial Reform in West Virginia. Morgantown, WV: Center for Economic Growth, The Public Policy Foundation of West Virginia, 2009.



Calcagno, Peter T. (ed.), Unleashing Capitalism: A Prescription for Economic Prosperity in South Carolina. Columbia, SC: South Carolina Policy Council, 2009 (Associate editors: Joshua C. Hall and Russell S. Sobel).


Clark, J.R. (ed.), Freedom and Prosperity in Tennessee. Chattanooga, TN: The Scott L. Probasco Jr. Chair of Free Enterprise, 2012 (Associate editors: Russell S. Sobel and Joshua C. Hall).



Click on the book cover below

 for the Mississippi Version (2018)


Here's the website for the Mississippi version published by Mississippi State University's Institute for Market Studies.




Cline, Brandon N., Russell S. Sobel, and Claudia R. Williamson (eds.), Promoting Prosperity in Mississippi. Mississippi State, MS: Mississippi State University Institute for Market Studies, 2018.






Other SC Policy Reform Publications of Interest by Russell Sobel:

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Pro-Growth Tax Reform in South Carolina by Russell S. Sobel and Robert F. Salvino (2014)















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