Curriculum Vita

James M. Hutchisson

Professor of American and Southern Literatures,
Director of Graduate Study
Department of English
 The Citadel, Charleston, South Carolina 29409
Voice: (843) 953-5139
Cell:  (843) 303-0698
Fax:  (843) 953-1881


Ph.D. University of Delaware, 1987

(Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century American Literature; Secondary: Victorian Literature)

M.A. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1984


B.A. Radford College, 1982

(English; Minor: Spanish Language and Culture)


1999 - Professor, The Citadel
1994-99 Associate Professor, The Citadel
1989-94 Assistant Professor, The Citadel
1987-89 Assistant Professor, Washington and Jefferson College

Academic Honors and Awards

2006 Krause Award for Faculty Achievement
2005 Sabbatical Leave Grant
1999 Honorary Membership, Phi Kappa Phi
1998, 1995, 1992 Citadel Faculty Achievement Award
1996-97, 2004 Sabbatical Leave Grant
1986-87 University of Delaware Dissertation Fellowship




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Articles - Academic

"On the Restoration of Texts: The Scholar as 'Better Editor.'" Text 16 (2005): 344-55.

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Book Chapters, Introductions, and Afterwords

"Storytelling, Narrative Authority, and Death in 'The Thousand and Second Tale of Scheherezade."  Edgar Allan Poe: Beyond Gothicism, ed. James M. Hutchisson. Cranbury, NJ:  Assoc. Univ. Presses, forthcoming 2011.

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Other Writings -- Notes, Encyclopedia Essays, and Miscellaneous Articles

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Feature Articles for Charleston Magazine

"Love Stories." Charleston 24.2 (Feb. 2010)

"Shifting Sands: Botany Bay Plantation." Charleston 22.11 (Oct. 2008)

"Law and Order: Charleston's Old City Jail." Charleston 22.11 (Oct. 2008)

"The Heyday of the Silver Screen." Charleston 22.8 (July 2008)

"Landscape of Slavery: The Plantation in American Art." Charleston 22.6 (May 2008), pp. 177-189.

"The Talented Mister Catesby." Charleston 22.1 (Jan. 2008).

 “A Well-Written Life: Josephine Humphreys.” Charleston 21.14 (Nov. 2007).

 “The Naturalist: Herbert Ravenel Sass.” Charleston 21.13 (Oct. 2007)

“House Rules: Charleston’s Board of Architectural Review.” Charleston Home 21.11 (Fall 2007), pp. 160-69.

“Living Art: Brookgreen Gardens.” Charleston 21.12 (Sept. 2007), pp. 122-27.

“Setting the Stage: Charleston’s Theatrical Arts.” Charleston 21.6 (May 2007), pp. 100-07.

“Teatime in Charleston.” Charleston 21.5 (April 2007), pp. 94-99.

"Building on the Past: Architect Albert Simons.” Charleston 21.4 (March 2007), pp. 92-97.

“American Hero: The Life and Legacy of Robert Smalls.” Charleston 21.2 (February 2007), pp. 133-39.

“Devils and the Deep Blue Sea: Pirates of the Lowcountry.” Charleston 21.1 (January 2007), pp. 131-39.

"Linking the Past to the Future: Penn Center.” Charleston 20.11 (October 2006), pp. 148-156.

"Shades of the Lowcountry: Silhouettist Clay Rice." Charleston (October 2006)), pp. 160-173.

"Cultural Evolution: Spoleto USA at Thirty."  Charleston (May 2006), pp. 158-166.

"The Muse: Dorothy Heyward." Charleston (May 2006)), pp. 90-93.

"The Rites of St. Cecelia." Charleston (March 2006), pp. 118-125.

"Beloved: The Art and Passion of the Portrait Miniature." Charleston (Jan/Feb 2006), pp. 132-139.

 “Of Mortar and Memory: Susan Pringle Frost and Charleston’s Preservation Heritage”  Charleston 19.13  (Nov. 2005), pp. 122-31.

 “Grace v. Hyde:  The Bloody Battlefield of Mayoral Politics from 1911 to 1919,”   Charleston 19.13  (Nov. 2005), pp. 72-76.

 “A Life Less Ordinary: The Legendary Adventures of Lowcountry Socialite Gertrude Legendre,”  Charleston 19.10 (Oct. 2005), pp.  70-74.

“Culture Club:  The Gibbes Museum of Art Celebrates a Century of Artistic Endeavors,”  Charleston  19.10 (Sept. 2005), pp.  78-80.

"William Halsey and Corrie McCallum: In Love With Art." Charleston 19.7 (Sept. 2005)

"Creative Spark: Countess Alicia Paolozzi" Charleston 19.5 (June 2005)

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"Joie De Vivre: Josephine Pinckney" Charleston 19.2 (March 2005).

"Handmaidens of History: The Pollitzer Sisters" Charleston 19.1 (Jan/Feb 2005).

"The Invisible Artist: The Life and Times of E. A. Harleston." Charleston 18.4 (May 2004).

"The Era of Expression: Charleston's Literary Renaissance" Charleston 18.1 (Jan/Feb 2004), pp. 76-83.

Book Reviews and Review Essays - Academic

"The Permanence of Poe."  Poe Studies: Dark Romanticism, forthcoming 2011.

Review of Scott Donaldson, Fitzgerald and Hemingway: Works and Days, by Scott Donaldson.  Resources for American Literary Study, 2010: forthcoming 2010.

Review of Anthony Arthur, Literary Feuds: A Century of Celebrated Quarrels--From Mark Twain to Tom Wolfe, by Anthony Arthur. Dreiser Studies 34.2 (Winter 2003): 116-18.

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Review of Glen A. Love, Babbitt: An American Life. Sinclair Lewis Newsletter 2.2 (Spring 1994): 6-7.

Review of Edward E. Chielens, American Literary Magazines: The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. The Eighteenth Century: A Current Bibliography n.s. 12--for 1986 (NY: AMS Press, 1992), p. 315.

Book Reviews - Newspaper and other media

Elizabeth Sinkler Coxe's Tales from the Grand Tour, 1890-1910. Edited by Angie Sinkler Whaley LeClercq. University of South Carolina Press.  Charleston Post and Courier. August 2006

Ordinary Heroes.  By Scott Turow.  Farrar, Straus, Giroux.  Charleston Post and Courier.  November 2007.

A Friend of the Earth. By T. C. Boyle.  Knopf.  Charleston Post and Courier. 

The Knox Brothers. By Penelope Fitzgerald.  Charleston Post and Courier. 

Orwell: Wintry Conscience of a Generation.  By Jeffrey Meyers.  Norton.  Charleston Post and Courier.  November 2004.

Roxanna Slade. By Reynolds Price.  Charleston Post and Courier.  1998.

Celebration. By Harry Crews.  Charleston Post and Courier.  1998.

 Inventing Mark Twain: The Lives of Samuel Langhorne Clemens.  By Andrew Hoffman. 
Charleston Post and Courier. 1997.

 Under the Black Flag: The Romance and the Reality of Life Among the Pirates.  By David Cordingly. Random House. 
Charleston Post and Courier.   1996.

Carolina Moon. By Jill McCorkle. Random House. Charleston Post and Courier. 1996.

 Beach Music
By Pat Conroy. Random House.  
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A Lesson Before Dying.  By Ernest J. GainesCharleston Post and Courier. 1993.

Bat Out Of Hell. By Barry Hannah.  Charleston Post and Courier. 1993.

The Man Who Was Late. By Louis Begley.  Charleston Post and Courier. 1993.

Where is Here? By Joyce Carol Oates. Charleston Post and Courier. 1993.

My Life as Author and Editor. By H. L. Mencken.  Charleston Post and Courier. 1993.

English Music. By Peter Ackroyd. Knopf. Charleston Post and Courier. 1992.

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Dangerous Friends: At Large With Hemingway and Huston in the Fifties.  By Peter Viertel.  Charleston Post and Courier.  1992.

Fooling America: How Washington Insiders Twist the Truth and Manufacture the Conventional Wisdom. Charleston Post and Courier. By Robert Parry. 1992.

Easy Keeper. By Mary Tannen. Charleston Post and Courier. 1992.

After the War. By Richard Marius. Charleston Post and Courier. Knopf. 1992.


Papers Presented

"Poe and American Literary Naturalism." Poe Bicentennial Conference. Baltimore. October 2009.

"The Marriage of Sinclair Lewis and Dorothy Thompson." American Literature Association. Cambridge. May 2003.

"DuBose Heyward's Mamba's Daughters: A Novel of Charleston." Society for the Study of Southern Literature. Charleston. April 1998.

"Sinclair Lewis, Professional Author." Sinclair Lewis Anniversary Conference. Sauk Centre, MN. July 1997.

"Dreiser and Sinclair Lewis: A Reexamination." American Literature Association. Baltimore, May 1997.

"DuBose Heyward, The Charleston Renaissance, and The Main Currents of Modernism." South Atlantic Modern Language Association. Savannah, November 1996.

"Poe as a Southern Author." College English Association. New Orleans, April 1996.

"The Revision of The Financier." American Literature Association. Baltimore, May 1995.

"Reading Gender and Race in Classic Naturalistic Texts: The Bibliographical Foreground." Northeast Modern Language Association. Boston, March 1995.

"Sinclair Lewis and the Democratization of Science," Popular Culture Association in the South. Charlotte. October 1994.

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"Creating A Critical Text of Dreiser's Financier." Penn State Conference on Editorial Studies. University Park, P.A., April 1989.

"The Composition and Publication of Dreiser's 'Typhoon.'" Modern Language Association. Washington, December 1984.

Invited Lectures

"Main Street: Carol Kennicott's Story." Keynote Address - Celebrating Sinclair Lewis in the 21st Century.  July 2010. Sauk Centre, Minnesota.

"Ernest Hemingway: Life and Legend." Citadel Senior Scholars. November 2009.

"Edgar Allan Poe and the 'Kingdom by the Sea'." Piccolo-Spoleto Festival. Literary Conversations series.  June 2006.

Response to Nevermore, by Julian Wiles, Charleston Stage Company, perf. Dock Street Theatre, 22 Oct. 2006.

"Edgar Allan Poe: Life and Legend."

        Library Society. Charleston. October 2005
        I'On Trust. Charleston. October 2005

"History in the Making." South Carolina Humanities Council Book Fair. Columbia. February 2005.

"Charleston in the Age of Porgy and Bess." Charleston Area Rotary Club.  Charleston. July 2004.

"What Was the Charleston Renaissance?"

Arkansas Executives Conference. Charleston, SC. October 2007.
Friends of the Daniel Library. Charleston, SC. August 2003.
Phi Kappa Phi. Charleston, SC. September 2003.
Friends of the Charleston County Library. Charleston, SC. October 2003.
Poetry Society of South Carolina. February 2004.
Senior Scholars. Charleston, SC. March 2004.
Wachovia Lecture Series. Program in the Lowcountry and the Atlantic World, College of Charleston. Charleston, SC April 2004.
Heyward Family Association. April 2004.

"The History of Hampton Park." The Community Foundation. Charleston, SC. March 2003.

"DuBose Heyward's Peter Ashley: Charleston History and Culture." Friends of the Daniel Library. Charleston, S.C. September 2001.

"Edgar Allan Poe: Life and Work." Citadel Senior Scholars Program. Charleston. July 2001.

"Poe's Detective Fiction." Friends of the Daniel Library. Charleston, SC. February 2001.

"Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale." Friends of the Daniel Library. Charleston, SC. September 1999.

"DuBose Heyward and the Charleston Renaissance." The Morris Museum of Art. Augusta, GA. September 1999.

"DuBose Heyward and Mamba's Daughters." Spoleto Festival USA. Charleston, SC. June 1999.

"DuBose Heyward and the Charleston Renaissance." The Charleston Renaissance: A Symposium. Columbia Museum of Art. Columbia, SC. May 1999.

"DuBose Heyward: A Charleston Gentleman and the World of Porgy and Bess."

Citadel Senior Scholars Program. Charleston. October 1997.
Poetry Society of South Carolina. Charleston. March 1997.
The Shepherd's Club. Charleston. February 1997.
Friends of the Daniel Library. Charleston. April 2000.
Charleston Library Society. Charleston. April 2000.
Charleston County Public Library. May 2000.
Charleston Tour Association. May 2000.
English Speaking Union. Charleston. January 2001.
South Carolina Humanities Council Book Fair. Columbia, SC. April 2001.
Center for Creative Retirement. Charleston. May 2001.
Harbour Club. Charleston. May 2001.
South Carolina Historical Society. Charleston. April 2003.
Elderhostel. Charleston. 2-3 times a year 2001 - 2007

"DuBose Heyward's Poetry." Poetry Society of South Carolina. Charleston. May 1996.

"The American Scholar Today." Phi Sigma Tau National Philosophy Honorary Society. Washington and Jefferson College. February 1989.

"The Making of Dreiser's Financier." The Citadel. January 1989.

"Poe, Anna Cora Mowatt, and 'The Velocity of Composition.'" Washington and Jefferson College. October 1988.

"The Adventures of 'Carter Holmes': An Episode of the American Literary Revolution." Indiana University at Indianapolis. January 1988.


1999 Publication grant for A DuBose Heyward Reader. The DuBose and Dorothy Heyward Memorial Foundation.
1990- Numerous grants-in-aid from The Citadel Foundation for research, travel, and conference presentations
1989 "The Composition of Sinclair Lewis' Babbitt." NEH.


Service to the Profession and Other Scholarly Activity

Referee for:

Cambridge University Press; Oxford University Press; Polity Press (UK); University of South Carolina Press; Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich; Longman/Pearson; Penn State Press; University of Pennsylvania Press; University of Delaware Press; Southern Illinois University Press; University of Idaho Press; University of Colorado Press; Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing; Society for the Study of Southern Literature; PMLA;  PBSA; Nineteenth-Century Studies; Studies in American Fiction; South Atlantic Review; Thalia: Studies in Literary Humor; Dreiser Studies; Southern Cultures; Mosaic; Text; Sinclair Lewis Newsletter; American Literary History; Studies in the Novel; Edgar Allan Poe Review; Modern Fiction Studies; others.

Chair of:

Nominating committee, American Literature (SAMLA, 1994); Nominating committee, Textual and Bibliographical Studies (SAMLA, 1995); Charleston session (SSSL 1998); Lewis sessions (ALA, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998); Dreiser session (ALA, 1994); Textual and Bibliographical Studies (SAMLA, 1994); Faulkner session (Popular Culture Assoc, 1994); American Literature sessions (SAMLA, 1992). President (1994-98), Board Member (1998 - ) of Sinclair Lewis Society (1994-97); Director-at-Large, International Dreiser Society (1995-98). Local Arrangements Director, Society for the Study of Southern Literature biennial conference, Charleston, 1998; Editorial Board, Edgar Allan Poe Review; others


Thomson Learning Co.
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich

Memberships - Professional Organizations

Modern Language Association (MLA)
South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA)
American Literature Association (ALA)
International Dreiser Society
Sinclair Lewis Society
Edgar Allan Poe Society
Ernest Hemingway Society
Philological Association of the Carolinas (PAC)
Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing (SHARP)

Courses Taught

At The Citadel:

Freshman English; Major British Writers; Survey of British Literature (for English majors); Masterpieces of American Literature; Public Speaking; Southern Literature to 1900; American Romanticism (undergraduate and graduate levels); American Realism and Naturalism (undergraduate and graduate levels); Modern American Fiction; Seminar (Poe) (undergraduate and graduate levels); Honors English (Utopian Literature; Poe); Honors Tutorial (Poe); Principles of Literary Research (graduate); Lowcountry Literature (undergraduate and graduate)

At Washington and Jefferson College:

Freshman English; American Literature surveys; Seminars (Poe, Faulkner)


Administrative Service (Selected)

At The Citadel:

Core Curriculum; Assessment of Institutional Effectiveness; Library Acquisitions; Faculty Research; Community Relations; Faculty Employment; Computer Services; Advisor, English Majors Club; Department Seminar Coordinator; Faculty Council (1995-96; 1997-99); Committee on Post-Tenure Review; Committee on Grading Systems (chair); Committee on Summer School Enrollment (chair); Department Curriculum (1995-96; 1998-99; 1999-2000); Department Search Committee (1997-98; 1998-99) (Chair, 2003-04; 2007-08); Department Head Search Committee (1997-98); Freshman Majors Advisor (1997-01); Graduate Program Committee (1998- ); Sabbaticals Committee (1998-99); Faculty Development Committee (1998-99); Faculty Tenure and Promotions Committee (chair) (1999 - 2002); (2002- ); Faculty Employment Committee; Financial Affairs Committee; Graduate Council; Professional Education Board; Fine Arts Committee (1999 - ); Scheduling Committee (chair, 2000-07); many others.

At Washington and Jefferson College:

Freshman English; Admissions


Service to the Community (Selected)

Vestry, Grace Church (Episcopal), 2010-2013

Board of Trustees, Charleston Collegiate School, 2009-2011

Volunteer at Crisis Ministries (2000 - ). Outreach activities (various) for Grace Church (Episcopal) (2000 -). Reader for Association for the Blind (1996-97). Book reviewer for Charleston Post and Courier (1992- ). Judge for Poetry Society of South Carolina competitions (1991-92; 2002, 2003).


Charleston Animal Society
Charleston Horticultural Society
Charleston Library Society
South Carolina Historical Society
Verger's Guild of the Church of England



Reviewed in:

             Washington Post; Washington Times; Atlanta Journal-Constitution; The State (Columbia); Post and Courier (Charleston); Richmond Times-Dispatch; Oxford American; others

 Interviewed in:

             BBC World Service (radio); Radio Free Europe (Russia); Associated Press; The Observer (London); The Times (London); Orangeburg Inside/Out (South Carolina ETV); Raleigh News and Observer; Charlotte Observer; Sandlapper; Chronicle of Higher Education; Charleston Post and Courier;  New York Observer; others.


Listed In

Directory of American Scholars; Who's Who in the South and Southeast; Contemporary Authors;  Writer's Directory; Dictionary of International Biography; Encyclopedia of South Carolina Writers



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