Content Area Reading Inventory (CARI)



          The Content Area Reading Inventory (CARI) is a teacher created assessment to determine at what level the students are able to read the class textbook.  The assessment uses a 250 to 500 word passage directly from the textbook or reading material and asks 10 questions on a variety of comprehension levels from Bloom's Taxonomy.  The types of questions asked on the CARI are typical kinds of questions asked on standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT.  The teacher can then determine what types of questions the students typically miss and also evaluate how much instruction is going to be needed in the classroom to insure that all students understand the intended message and comprehend the concepts in the reading material.  Be sure to also read the article and the directions for the CARI in the collections booklet.


           To complete this assignment you will need to:
1.    Read the information on the CARI in the Collections Booklet.
2.    Review the internet sites listed below to learn more about content area reading inventories.
3.    Create your own CARI from a textbook or reading passage  that you think that your students will use in class.


          A case study of a student with a CARI being used to assess reading levels of textbooks.

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