The Citadel

Fall 2009

Honors English 101

Welcome to Honors English 101!


The Citadelís Honors Program is about intellectual enrichment, not academic enslavement.† You will be doing more reading in this class than you would in a regular section of English 101.† But the reading you will be doing will be of the highest order; it should be fun as well as intellectually stimulating.† You will not be doing more writing than would be expected in English 101!


To help make sure that you have great success in this course, you are going to work with a partner.† You and your partner will attend the weekly tutorial sessions together, taking turns on presenting the weekís writing.† You will benefit from your partnerís feedback as well as from mine.† Attendance at these weekly meetings is mandatory, but donít think of this as a burden.† Virtually all of your predecessors have enjoyed coming to my office with their partners for tutorials.


Weíll spend most of our class time this semester on Homerís Iliad.† This is a very demanding text, but it offers great rewards.† We will also spend some time looking at Virgilís Aeneid and Danteís Vita nuova.†


Your grade for this class will be determined as follows:† three 50-minute tests, each worth nine points; three formal evaluations covering your tutorial papers and classroom participation, each worth twenty points; and a final essay worth thirteen points.



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